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  SK Telecom Takes Pride in 'T' Brand
  Poster : UFINE     Date : 08-12-12 11:12     Hit : 13006    

SK Telecom, South Korea's foremost wireless operator, has continued its success this year with its brand ``T,'' which the company unveiled last summer.

T, which stands for multiple meanings such as ``telecom,'' ``technology,'' ``top'' and ``trust,'' now represents the entire line-up of the Seoul-based company's wireless communications services.

SK Telecom Executive Vice President Lee Bang-hyung, who leads the firm's Business Group, said T would embellish the image of SK Telecom in an era of globalization and convergence.

``The T brand aims to become a ubiquitous network that is capable of transmitting any kind of information beyond traditional limitations of time, space or interface,'' he said.

``To this end, we are set to secure the best technological expertise in the rapidly progressing mobile communications industry and take the lead in providing a variety of new mobile services worldwide in the upcoming convergence era,'' Lee said.

Indeed, SK Telecom has put forth efforts to make a foray into the global arena by preempting the potential-laden convergence markets. For example, it launched mobile services in the United States and also formed a strategic alliance with China Unicom, China's No. 2 wireless carrier.

In addition, the operator acquired iHQ and Seoul Records with a view to providing a glittering array of combined services mixing both telecom and entertainment.

With the advent of T, SK Telecom changed the brand for the next-generation high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) service to ``T 3G+'' and began ``T Plan,'' a fee system oriented toward customer confidence.

In the case of the distribution network, stores for customers' direct experience have been branded as ``T World,'' with sophisticated interiors and strengthened opportunities for new service experience.

Currently, a total of 150 T World stores are available, centered around the bustling regions of any city of any county across the nation, with about 50 additional stores due next year.

``T emphasizes our commitment to offering trustworthy wireless services that represent the latest technologies,'' an SK Telecom spokesman said.

``Under the new brand, we will focus on increasing customer value by strengthening our service edge and technological leadership rather than getting into price competition,'' he added.