- CDMA Repeaters
- GSM/DCS Repeaters
Passive Components
- Combiners(Dividers)
- Splitters
- Attenuators
- DMB Dish Antenna for Gap-filler
- Down Converter
- Up Converter
- 10W Middle Power Repeater
- 50W High Power Repeater
- USR(Up Streaming Receiver)
- TMA(Top Mounted Amplifier)
Test & Measurement Equipment
S/I, N/I
TMA(Top Mounted Amplifier)
Summary of Features
• High Tx/Rx Cell Coverage
• Stronger signal, wider coverage
• Fewer call drops, increased talk time
• Higher base station receiver sensitivity
• High MTBF
• Low Tx loss
Parameter Item Description
Uplink Frequency range 1710 ~ 1785MHz
Return Loss, Normal Mode 18dB(Antenna Port & BTS Port)
Return Loss, Bypass Mode 15dB(Antenna Port & BTS Port)
Nominal gain 14dB± 1dB
Passband ripple 1.1dB max.
Noise figure
2.0 dB Max at Normal Temp
/ 2.3dB at -40 to ‘+65deg temp
Tx-band rejection, relative to gain level >70dB
Output 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3) >+27dBm ; +25dBm min
1 dB compression Point >15dBm
Insertion loss bypass mode >2.1dB
Supply voltage, fed via the RF cable 12 V DC nominal @100-130 mA(8-31 V DC)
Total Group Delay 150nS max
Antenna Receive Filter Rejection(RX1) -60 dB
BTS Receive Filter Rejection(RX2) -40 dB
Downlink Frequency range 1805 ~ 1880MHz
Insertion loss, typical 0.7dB Max..
Return Loss >18dB Return Loss,
(both at BTS & Antenna Port)
Filter Rejection in Rx Path >47 dB
Average operating power, max(CW Power) >/= +53dBm(200W)
Power Handling Survival +63 dBm (2,000W)
3rd Order PIM in Tx Band @ BTS Port -120 dBm Max(2 Tx Carriers at +43 dBm)
Impedance 50 Ohms
Misc. MTBF >1000 000 Hrs.
LNA Construction Sigle Stage, Quadrature Balanaced
Alarm functions 1. 100-130mA normal operating Current,
No Alarm
2. Open circuit – if current is less than 30mA, Low Alarm(No Current to TMA)
3. One Amplifier Fails, 200 to 220mA, Warning Alarm
4. Both Amplifiers Fail, 270 to 300mA,
High Alarm(By-Pass Mode)
Grounding 16sq mm Stranded, Terminal Universal 2 holes
EMC and safety approvals ETS 300 342-3
Power Consumption <2W