- CDMA Repeaters
- GSM/DCS Repeaters
Passive Components
- Combiners(Dividers)
- Splitters
- Attenuators
- DMB Dish Antenna for Gap-filler
- Down Converter
- Up Converter
- 10W Middle Power Repeater
- 50W High Power Repeater
- USR(Up Streaming Receiver)
- TMA(Top Mounted Amplifier)
Test & Measurement Equipment
S/I, N/I
Up Converter
Summary of Features
• High Performance with cost effectiveness
• Compact design & easy Installation
• Available in both Indoor and Outdoor application
Item Specification
Input Frequency 22 ~ 34Mhz, 12Mhz BW
Output Frequency 2170 ~ 2182Mhz 12Mhz BW
Down Converter Gain 42dB
Local Frequency 2148Mhz
Antenna Gain '+33dB +/-2 @Center
Ripple 4dB
Output P1 '+25dBm @2176Mhz CW
Input Return Loss '-10dB min
Output Spurious '-60dBc @23dBm
Local Leakage Outuput '-50dBm Max
Local Phase Noise '-84dBc/Hz @1Khz
'-92dBc/Hz @ 10Khz
'-96dBc/Hz @ 100Khz
Output Blocking '-47dBm +/- 5dB @IF Input
Blocking Delay 2usec
Max Input power 0dBm Max
Input Connector F-type female
Input Connector N-type female
Temperture '-10 to + 50C°
Power Supply
'+12 ~ +30 VDC, 8W Max from
enteranl DC Bias-T