About UFINE Technologies
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UFINE Technologies was established in 2003 as a supplier of RF components with an office in Seoul Korea and has since grown to represent a balanced portfolio of the worlds premier RF Wireless Communication System, RF components and sub-systems manufacturing companies with a staff compliment of about 50 employees presently.

Transmission and Telemetry applications with the range of our product offering extending from component level, through OEM system to complete sub-systems, working closely with our system integration partners, assuring them of success.

UFINE Technologies is focusing on customer driven solutions, with the highest priority on value added technical support, reflected in the fact that we have many qualified Sales Engineers to provide superior technical support on our product ranges has achieved excellent results by cultivating and sustaining long-term relationships with all our business partners.

Our Vision

We aim to be the market leader in on time delivery of the highest quality RF/Wireless solutions with exceptional service and responsiveness

Our Mission

We define our mission as perfect business partnership. By developing effective Quality Management System we want to achieve not only our growth but also bring to our profit to our partners and customers.
Our ever expanding product line presently includes:

- RF/Wireless System: CDMA, GSM, DMB and UMTS Repeaters
- RF Passive Components: Couplers, Splitters, Combiners, Antennas
- MMDS(Multi-media Distribution System) Solutions: Down Converters,
  Up Converters, MMDS Repeaters, USR(Up Streaming Receiver)
- TMAs(Top Mounted Amplifier)
- Test & Measurement Equipment